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About Us


We are an Independent, Fundamental Baptist Church.  We believe our mission here on this earth is summed up in our church motto:

        Seeking God - this is accomplished through a personal relationship with God and this is done  by having daily devotions and regular             prayer time. 

            We hold that the Bible itself is our sole and final source of all that we believe, and we hold that King James version of the Scripture is

            the most accurate in the English language.

        Serving others - we believe that the church is to be the hands and feet of Christ both to edify the saints and to demonstrate His love to

            those around us. 

        Sharing the Truth -  proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ and the Good News of the Gospel is the responsibility and privilege of every


We currently have two Sunday school classes - Mrs. Carissa Walker teaches the younger children a lesson from God's Word and incorporates an interactive craft.   Our teen/adult class is taught by Pastor Walker.  We are currently  are currently studying the Minor Prophets, and are in the book pf Zephaniah.


Our morning worship service is more of a traditional style service.


Sunday evening we have a time of prayer and Bible Study with two seperate classes.  Pastor Walker leads and adult Bible study which is currently studying in th ebook of Philippians.  The younger folks are led by Mrs. Walker and are currently going over Steps to Discipleship.


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